Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's already been a week?!


> I can't believe that I have already been gone a week! I have done so much but it doesn't feel like that long. Last night was a blast! Riverdance was better than I could have imagined. The dancers were amazing. The main guy was a real DIVA and was looking to the crowd for applause the whole time. Of course the 20 American girls gave it to him, with many whistles and "woos!". I think we were entertaining the whole crowd.
> We packed everything up last night so we stayed up so late and then we got up at 5:40am! It was rough. But, this morning we rode on a giant ferry to Wales. We were all so exhausted so we slept the entire ride! I've only been here a few hours but it is beautiful. It is more of a small town feel than Ireland and the shops on the street are so cute! We have gone to one castle already and it was great! We walked all around and took some pictures, which are hopefully posting. Everyone went back to their rooms to take a quick nap and then we are having dinner at the hotel and exploring. The excitement for the day was at the castle when I was posing for a perfect picture (jumping off a small rock in front of the castle haha) and MY PANTS RIPPED. They are my most favorite, I am so sad! Luckily it isn't too noticeable so I made it to the hotel to change okay. So, I guess I will be buying a new pair here or in London! Oh I do have other pairs though, don't worry. It just gives me a reason to shop :) Well here are some pictures!!
> -In the area where our hostel is (notice the graffiti and also the broken glass)
> -At Riverdance
> -For Dawson!
> -The castle
> -Catie and I at the castle

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whatever happens in Dublin...

So tonight is my last night in Dublin. It is bittersweet. Bitter because I am leaving Ireland, sweet because I am leaving this hostel!! I don't have the internet long but I wanted to post a few pictures for the fam. I am loving it here. It is a lot different than the countryside but still great. Cydnee and I bought a bus pass for a two day hop on hop off tour so we have been using that to see all of the sights. Still, we walk soooo much. I am going to have toned legs after this trip. Yesterday we were able to go see Trinity college and the long library! It was so cool. We weren't allowed to take pictures but it was like the Beauty and the Beast library floor to ceiling book shelves. I loved it! After that we went shopping and had lunch at a fun cafe. We met our group for FHE at St. Patrick's Cathedral and we were able to go see Evensong. It was an amazing experience. That night it was someone's birthday in our group so we went out to some different pubs and got to listen to some authentic Irish music. It was a great time. We went into a shake shop that was so cute and ordered shakes, the Irish guys that worked there thought it would be a real treat for us if they turned up the Katy Perry song that was playing and had a good laugh as we all sang along and danced. We definitely provided the entertainment for the night. Today we went to the old jail to tour around, it reminded me a lot of Alcatraz and it was interesting to see. We were also able to go to the Temple Bar area. We have tickets tonight to see Riverdance. I am excited for that because we are seeing it at the place it originated. Well cheers until next time!!
Oh one last are a few things I have learned since being in Ireland:
1. "Cheers"=thank you
2. It isn't four thirty it is half four.
3. LOOK BOTH WAYS, multiple times, when crossing, that car coming the other way thing still hasn't fully registered.
4. Tree tirty at te catedral= three thirty at the cathedral
5. Asking for extra ice means 6 pieces instead of 5.

Here are my pictures.
-Our hostel...imagine one more bed in there.
- Trinity College
- The best shopping street!
- St. Patrick's Cathedral
- Just some of my girls!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sleep is for babies and buses.

Well this has become our new slogan since Cydnee and I never seem to find enough sleep unless we are on the bus in transit to another stop. We stay up a little too late and have to get up just a little too early. But, at least we get a chance to catch up on our sleep on all of our drives. Speaking of sleep, today I had a small mishap with allergies. I am dying over here with all of this greenery. I am sneezing, scratching my throat, and having itchy eyes NONSTOP. At one point in the day I was going crazy with my red eyes and itchy throat so I decided I had to take something for it. Unfortunately the only thing I had to take was Benedryl (spell check?). Even though I knew it would make me drowsy I just couldn't take it anymore so I took one. Once I was off the bus at the next stop, Rock of Cashell, I was wishing I hadn't. I felt pretty groggy walking around and was surprised that I made it back to the bus without falling over. When I did make it back I was OUT, I slept the full two hours it took to drive to Dublin even though I was squished on a bus. I am glad to say that after all of that my allergies were gone!
But, about today...
We left our hotel around 830 this morning then we drove to the Blarney castle. The legend there is that if you kiss the Blarney stone then you will have the "Gift of Gab" or in other words you will be able to talk your way out of anything. So naturally, being tourists, we had to make the trek up the one thousand windy tiny staircases. I was getting very claustrophobic being in the tiny windy stair case and it didn't help that the old woman in front of me was having a sort of panic attack asking how we were supposed to get out like 14 times. When we finally made it up it was worth the long climb! It was beautiful at the top! I could not believe how great the view was. Once we got to the front of the Blarney stone line I had to lay back on the ground while an old Irish man held my feet and kiss the stone. It was quite the experience!
After the Blarney castle we got back on the bus. And my Benedryl fiasco happened. Then we arrive at the Rock of Cashell. It is a beautiful castle up on a hill. We got to walk up to it and take a ton of pictures. It was very fun and also very windy, as usual. It is so amazing being able to see all of these beautiful castles and houses that were built hundreds of years ago.
Once we left Rock of Cashell we headed out to Dublin. It is very different from what I expected. We had been driving through so much of the country I did not know there was another side to Ireland. But, Dublin is a giant city and is full of people! We will be here for four days and are staying in a hostel. We are in a room of ten people, luckily all of them are in our group. There are 5 bunk beds! It is pretty crowded but we are only here for four days so I can do this!!! Shout out to mom for getting me that sleeping sack. It is perfect because the sheets were pretty sketchy. After we were all settled in we went to explore the city. Cydnee and I went in search of a drink with ice and a hamburger because we were dying for one. We found a place called Eddie's that was delicious and just what we needed, then got a drink with ice at McDonalds! Woo woo! It was so fun just walking around the city and getting to see the shops and all of the people.
The pictures will be on the next post, here is what they are of:
-Blarney Castle
-The whole group!
-View from the top
-Me kissing the stone!
-Rock of Cashell


Friday, June 24, 2011

Pictures from the coast!



Just when I thought it couldn't get any prettier...

Today was VERY rainy and also VERY cold. So we started off our day with a drive on the peninsula it was about an hour and a half and took us up the coast. We stopped at a few different places to take pictures. Some people even went down to the beach but, I was already wringing my flats out with water so I opted to stay in for that one. I am still just so amazed at how beautiful it is here. I know I just keep saying that but really I never knew that things could be so green.
After we went on the drive we stopped in a town for lunch and to hang out for a while. It was so cold so Cydnee and I ran into a pub to get out of the rain. We had some yummy potato and leak soup, perfect for the rain! Then we just hung out there for an hour or so chatting and drinking hot chocolate. While we were there, there were three little boys that were probably about 8 years old and they were just staring at us and giggling because we had accents. We kept hearing them say "They must be American" or "Look, look they are smiling at us". There cute little accents were cracking me up. One was even named Charlie and all I could think of was "Ouch Charlie!" Well I will post pictures on the next entry!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little ferry.

After we got to the castle we went on a ferry ride around the castle. It was to die for! Seriously, everything was so pretty. I know that the pictures of scenery aren't that exciting but can you blame me? I took so many! So these are pictures of our little boat ride.

Killarney, Ireland

The only way I have figured out how to add images will only let me do so many at a time so I am just going to do a few small entries for each day. I know that is probably annoying but this is mainly for my family and I know they want to see pictures (right???). Okay so this morning we were told that breakfast was at 8 am in the little dining room down the hall. Since there are only 6 rooms and all were occupied by members of our group I didn't know what to expect. Based on my usual hotel breakfast experience I was thinking some cereal and maybe muffins. Boy was I wrong. The man that owned the B&B was up making us a homemade Irish spread. We had porridge, delicious pastries, and some ham. Seriously the pastries were to die for. My favorite being the chocolate filled croissants that he had made, yum! After breakfast we got back in the bus and drove to Killarney to go on a tour of Muck Ross castle, built in the 15th century. The last picture, I believe, is the one of the castle. The other are the beautiful scenery on the drive!

Here are some photos from yesterday! I think I finally figured out how to add images, thank you google! These are at the castle, on the drive, and in Dingle. Hopefully I can post more!

Just a few pictures from yesterday in Dingle, Ireland. This is the town that we stayed in. There were adorable houses everywhere and even some neighborhood boys out playing cricket. Sadly, we did not join!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In a city called Dingle...

Well I have been in Ireland for an entire day now. It is honestly the most beautiful place I have ever been. I just keep oohing and awwing over the scenery. We started out our day at a place called Bunratty Caslte. It was built in 1425. It was very cool and we got to walk inside and outside in the garden. We toured around with our group looking at all of the towers. Which, might I add, had very very steep spiral staircases that we had to climb in toms (worst traction ever) and the entire time Cydnee and I kept saying "How did a princess do this??". Haha those were rough times. (I am currently trying to add pictures and it won't let me!!!!)
Well moving on...
After the castle we drove in our big bus. There are only 20 girls and it is a full size bus so we all have our own two little seats. It is just way nice. We drove through the countryside of Ireland and along the coast to our next stop. It was about a two hour drive and it was perfect. Besides the fact that I enjoyed a small nap because jet lag was really getting me...I also got to look out the window at the gorgeous view. I took a ton of pictures of it. It was exactly how you see it in all the movies (i.e. ps i love you!). There were grazing fields with small sheep and the coast was to die for. I wish I could show you all of the pictures now!! Hopefully in the next city we will be able to add pictures. Once we arrived at our destination, Dingle (hence the blog title) we were able to go to our little bed and breakfasts and get settled in then were free to explore. 7 of us our in one bed and breakfast, the one I am in. Then the other 20 or so (the professors have their wives and one has his three kids) are in the other. It is right on the water and in the middle of town. I love it!!! We dragged our 52 pound suitcases (I'm not the only one mom!!) up the stairs and then put on our jackets and left. Cydnee and I talked to our cute little Irish bus driver and he suggested a few places. We ended up going to a place called Herrington's for fish and chips. I am not a big fish person but I figured since I am only here once I might as well try the authentic food. And let me tell was delicious!! I loved it. It was just a little tiny shack like restaurant and we got cod fish and chips. It was so fresh and tasty. I also was able to get a diet coke with approximately half an ice cube, better than none. After we ate we went down into the center of town and went into a few different pubs (no drinking) and listened to some Irish music. It was so fun to be right in the middle of things with all of the natives. It's not hard to pick out the Americans, for some reason just walking around we apparently scream "we are americans!". Everyone has been so nice here and were all giving us suggestions of their favorite places. It was a great! We are off to bed now so that we can get up in time for breakfast. I hope this works!!!

Quick Trip

Nope I'm not talking about everyone's most favorite restaurant QT, I'm talking about my journey across the pond to Shannon, Ireland. The flight from NYC to Ireland was only 5.5 hours! I was expecting 8 or 9. I took a little advil pm and was OUT like a light. I don't remember the trip at all, just waking up 5.25 hours later. Really though, I woke up with only 15 minutes until landing. Poor Cydnee had me sleeping on her shoulder the whole trip. Luckily she was out for most of it anyways too! There was apparently a meal served at some point but I am not sure when. So all in all the flight was a success. I made it alive and got some sleep. I am still in the airport waiting for the rest of our group but from what I have seen (from the air) Ireland is BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to actually explore this beautiful country! WOO WOO! I will post pictures once I have some. Shout out to dad for letting me take his IPad!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

In just 10 short days I will be...

Starting the summer of a lifetime. My good friend Cydnee and I are heading off to start our study abroad in Great Britain. We are meeting up with our group in Shannon Ireland on June 22nd and then we will be traveling throughout Ireland, Wales, and York for 2.5 weeks. After that we will arrive in our flats in the center of London where we will be living for the entire month of July. We finish off after 6 days in Scotland. I can't even wait!!

Lately I have been trying to pack for a 2 month vacation. Any ideas?? I am brining one giant, seriously GIANT suitcase and a backpack. Here are a few pictures of the places we are visiting...don't worry I will try and blog throughout the trip.

Shannon, Ireland

Paris, France (BEAUTIFUL!)

Kensington, London (Location of our flats)

Oxford...or Hogwarts???


Here's the thing...I am a horrible blogger, I have come to terms with that. But at least I'm blogging, right? Hopefully it will improve. But, here isa shout out to one of the best ladies around. SHERYL GOFF. I'm just hanging out at her house right now watching prison break and eating delicious shrimp on the bar-b (barbie?). It's been an eventful night in bountiful and can I just say I am loving this weather?? 75 degrees. I'll take it.

And a note from Elder Cook:

"I am grateful for this opportunity I have to represent Jesus Christ and find the Lords chosen at this time. We are finding them! We gave a book of mormon to Doris this week in the first lesson and told her to read a chapter and pray to know if it was true. When we went back she said with a smile on her face. I know its true! I prayed and received an answer. That’s what can happen if we pray with the faith knowing that he will answer! She is preparing to be baptized! I love this work!"
Lookin' good in El Salvador. So proud of all he is doing!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dancing Queens.

About a month ago the little girls I teach had their dance recital. They performed the Wizard of Oz and the 3 year old classes I taught were the "snowflakes" and the "poppies". I am too lazy to blog about it but my good friend Cydnee Squire did. So check it out here!!!

I have the best friends...really though, I do.

Last week I turned 20, woo woo! Itwas a fabulous birthday weekend and I am so grateful for my amazing friends. The weekend started out Thursday night where my good friends Rachelle, Cydnee, Emily, and KaLynplanned a tea party for me. It was so fun! Rachelle and Emily decorated the room like a real life tea part it was so cute. Needless to say we didn't act extremely proper and it was quite the crazy tea party, I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.
KaLyn flew in from Arizona on Thursdsay morning and I loved it. It was supposed to be a surprise but no body can really surprise me, seriously, I wish it wasn't true but somehow someone always ends up telling me or I just figure it out. On Friday Makelle was going to surprise me by flying in but my mom accidentally told me...of course. But even though it wasn't a surprise it was still a great time. We had SO much fun. Mostly we just tried to make it to as many new restaurants that we could. Don't worry, I've been working out all week to work those calories off. I don't really have any pictures from this trip because Makelle and KaLyn have them all. But here is one that we took Saturday night while we were at Spark in Provo, a place with mocktails haha don't worry, no alcohol. We sent it to my mom with the caption "Just starting the night off with a few drinks" :)
Thanks for coming Makelle and KaLyn, I had a fabulous time. You are the best ever! I can't wait to see you ladies in a week.
Well, that's all I have for this post. I hope that was a good update for you all. I will get better at taking pictures, especially since I got a new fabulous camera from my mom and dad for my birthday!! The next week or so will include packing up my room (I have way too much crap!), trying to figure out how many clothes I need for 2 months worth of traveling, also trying to fit that all into one suitcase and one carry on, and finishing my finals! What?! Done with class already?? I'm a junior at BYU now. YESSSSSS.


my peeps.

Worst blogger ever award goes Sorry guys, but thanks for reading Chelsey B., Cydnee, and Mom :)
So just a couple of weeks ago my favorite Utah people, my peeps, moved away. Jean and Austin. Well only Jean moved and Austin is to follow, but let's be honest one alone is not the same as the two together. They moved out to North Carolina because Jean is heading to PA school at Wake Forrest University...the little genius. We spent every Thursday night since January having thirsty Thursdays. These included me getting dropped off at school by Austin then Jean and Austin picking me up afterand us heading to a little grocery store where any refill on Thursday is one cent an ounce (you better believe I always went with the 44 oz). After we had our caffeine in us we headed home to watch 24. We made it through seasons 1-6 in approximately 6 months...impressive huh? Sadly we weren't able to finish the series but we will I am sure. Jean had never seen any and Austin and I had seen most so it was hard for me to not give up what was happening. I often got in trouble for saying "Oh, I hate that guy" when he first appeared on screen or "Yes! He's my favorite!". But, despite my bad give aways we had a greattime and Jean made many delicious meals (that lady is a chef!!). I am sad to see them go and I will always miss our Thursdays. Good luck in NC guys!!!!!
An actual thirsty Thursday scene.
Jean and I in Salt Lake at Hatch Family Chocolates...delicious!