Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh you know, just the best job ever!

i LOVE my job. seriously LOVE it. i have the best time with these two kids and i get paid for it...could it get any better? i don't think so...well, teaching three year olds dance comes close. lately we have been able to go outside for our little outings since the weather has been so nice. a nice perk to this job is that i am learning A LOT from toting around a 2 year old and a 4 year old!

top ten things i've learned from being a nanny:

1. car seats are your friend. no matter how crazy kids get in the car they are buckled in a seat which means they can't run away, they can't make a mess, and they can't hurt each other :)
2. sometimes taking the long way home will be the best choice you make ALL DAY. something about cars puts kids right to sleep...
3. cranky princesses have to take naps.
4. mcdonalds is ALWAYS a good choice. ALWAYS. playing on the playground will give you hours of enjoyment.
5. there are approximately 2395943865 crafts you can do with a paper plate.
6. if you are 2 watching a movie over and over is not boring. it is in fact your favorite thing to do.
7. mickey mouse shaped nuggets for lunch are a good choice 100% of the time.
8. slip on shoes are a MUST for kids under 5.
9. they will repeat and believe EVERYTHING you say even if it is "diet coke is good for you, i promise".
10. markers are NEVER matter how convincing those little cuties are.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this guy.

wow. i am seriously on a blogging frenzy here. i hope you all are appreciating this. mostly i have just been looking at way too many pictures. every time i start looking at pictures i just feel like blogging. it doesn't make sense but it happens.
so as i was meandering through photos i stumbled on more than a few of this guy...keep in mind these were the only ones where we looked semi normal. we apparently both can't take a normal cute photo. its okay though, i'll be happy with our 1000 mishap photos.
enjoy. xoxo
p.s. i am going to write a great post about some missionary things but, i am too tired and typing at this moment is too much for me. coming soon though...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just a quick little spotlight :)

Whitney is one of my best friends and I just wanted to give her a quick shout out!!
She is the kindest person I know and no matter what you are doing she will make it fun. She is always looking to see what she can do to help others and she has a very strong testimony of the gospel. You can just tell when you look at her that she is striving to be the best she can be. I really do look up to her and I hope that I can be as positive as she is one day. It doesn't matter what is going on in her life, she will always turn it into a positive. She has about 2938475 friends because she will talk to anyone and everyone. (We actually met because she flagged me down at a stop sign...long story haha) She dated one of Noah's good friends so we have a great time being sad/happy about the missionaries we love. I can talk to her about anything, she is an amazing friend!
Whitney Roan Wilde you are the best!
P.S. She's got herself a blog...check it out!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

to best friends.

here's to my best friends. i love you all. a lot. this weekend we had a farewell get together. haddy left saturday until june then cydnee and i are off until august. we went to dinner then drove up the canyon. we spent hours listening to music and chatting about life.

cydnee-we laugh about everything. we just met this year and it feels like we have been friends forever (sappy? yes). our favorite things are christmas in a cup, late night drink runs (which include christmas in a cup), blogging, talking about every little thing that happens to us, oh and planning our amazing study abroad together!!
haddy mae-i'm sad that you are off on an adventure of a lifetime and leaving me at home. for some reason we both talk in ridiculous voices when we are together. she makes me like abbreviating things (its totes the best). also, we are always laughing when we're together.
rachelle-she is just the greatest. one of the best friends you could ask for. she made me love grey's anatomy (im still trying to decide if that was good or bad). i can talk to her about anything and everything. she is that kind of friend that you can count on no matter what.

i love you ladies. we are spending a summer apart but i can't wait to reunite in the fall! its too bad we don't have pants that fit all of us perfectly that we can write our life stories on and send between us all. hahah maybe next year :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

countdown starts...NOW.

Attention please...
I am officially starting my countdown to EUROPE and the best study abroad ever!!!! I can't even wait for it to start. It starts in approximately 43 days. Also I am going to try and update my blog at least once a week.
I started spring semester just one week ago and so far I love it. It is so fun to be on campus with barely anyone else. You can park wherever the heck you want, and you better believe that I do (yes mom, I know I live right by campus). My classes are fabulous. I have officially started my program so all I am taking are elementary education classes. It is the best! It is so fun to be taking classes that I am actually interested in and that will really benefit me when I am teaching. I am taking 9 credits which is a little bit much but it will be so worth it when it is over.
My great friend cydnee and I are just loving being neighbors especially in the spring. We have planned bike rides, although they haven't happened yet. Mostly due to the fact that I don't have a bike but they will happen.
Welp, thanks for listening those three of you that do!
P.S. today was a good day because...when my hair was down I could feel it on the back of my arm. Woo Woo!!!!! Also someone said "you're hair is looking long"...thank you random someone. That made my week.