Tuesday, April 13, 2010

finished with classes. starting finals.

its over. the classes are done. i will not have one more class being a freshmen. ever again. unless i go to law school. which im very much thinking about. but are you a freshmen there? or first year? hmmm. i don't need that knowledge yet. but anyways. yes, done. finished. over. and yet i still have three finals to take. lucky for me only three but...i HAVE to get all a's on them. ill let you know how i do...or maybe i won't. just know if i don't write about it, they weren't worth writing about. so here's a little sneak peek at my schedule for the next four days.
-library from 11-5 with lunch somewhere in between. or not.
-suns/jazz game with nc :)
-study group for stats 9:30-?
-library study time from ?-3:45
-review session for stats 4-6
-eat dinner.
-study more.
-go to sleep:)
-library from 10-2
-study group for BOM 2-4
-study a little more for stats.
-do something that has nothing to do with studying and is fun.
-get up at some time.
-study some more stats.
-take stats final. get an a. pleaseeee.

*the end of my week :) enjoy yours.