Wednesday, December 8, 2010

holy cricket!

i officially have been accepted to Great Britain study abroad summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you can't tell i am sort of (REALLY) excited about this. it starts in june and goes til august! i get to live right in the heart of london (picture below) in a flat next to hyde park!!! we are in classes monday-wednesday and get to travel the rest of the week. as a group we go ireland, scotland, wales, and york then some weekends we are allowed to travel wherever!!!!!! and to top this all off one of my best friends cydnee is coming too! i can't even wait. and guess what? ill blog like crazy over there too. cheers!
Hyde future neighboor.
london...need i say more?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

a new tradition.

for the third week in a row, cydnee and i have had our friday sleepovers. no matter where we are before sleep time or what we are doing, we have a friday sleepover. usually in my basement with tons of pillows and blankets and lots of chick flicks. its turning out to be a great tradition. gotta love college.
p.s. if you would like to taste heaven (or as i call it, christmas in a cup) drive your little self down to sonic and get diet coke with cranberry with FRESH limes and you will love it.