Saturday, January 30, 2010

It will all work out...

I love this quote, it is taped up to my wall in my room. I see it everyday and everyday it reminds me to focus on Christ. This has helped me so much in everything I do. From school work to scripture study I have found myself looking more to the Savior and remembering what He did for all of us. "Don't worry...It will all work out".

"It isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is. It all works out. Don't worry. I say that to myself every morning. It will all work out. Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future. The Lord will not forsake us. He will not forsake us...If we will put our trust in Him, if we will live worthy of His blessings, He will hear our prayers".
-Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a date with mr. bean.

dates are great. especially when they are cheap.
on this fabulous tuesday evening. (great for date nights)
noah and i decided to go on a little date to the bean museum.
yes, a free date.
a museum filled with stuff lions and tigers and bears. oh my.
even a liger.
we ended the night with a little frozen yogurt topped with fruity pebbles.
and headed home for a great game of scrabble.
all in all it was a great night.
and the pictures turned out cute too :)

Monday, January 25, 2010


oh how lucky i am...lucky to have great friends like this. who will spend an entire afternoon with me making videos for no reason. this is just one of the many videos i stumbled upon today.i just love you two. i miss you.
DISCLAIMER: we were locked inside all day because it was 120 degrees and my car was broken, also we are 16. please people.

bride war best friends...real life.

this is for you alexa michele markham.
here's the story. alexa and i have been best friends for a long time and we went together to see bride wars when it first came out and had a little epiphany. that is us in 7 years haha heck that's us now!! alexa is of course anne hathaway the beautiful, sweet, nice to everyone girl, who i wish i could be like all the time. and i am kate hudson the sometimes vicous, crazy, a little bossy one. but together we are just great. we make a fantastic match and when we're together its the best! just like them we've only had like one little fight in our friend life, but of course we got over it and are even better friends than before. i love this girl so much. she is the best friend anyone could ask for. she has been with me through it all and i know she'll be there for the rest of it. alexa-you are not fighting with me when i get married haha and we are getting married at seperate times because your coming, not like bride wars. i miss alexa sooo much even though we're both at BYUs they are too far apart for my liking. and i am sick of getting little false alarms making me so excited and then her not coming. please come visit me alexa. i need a little markham in my life. i love our skype dates. they will continue. i love how this entire thing sounds like we are a couple but we're just best friends. basically sisters. i love you alexa!!
p.s. im too crafty with my blog and i can figure nothing out so all the pictures will most likely be in one long row....but enjoy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

things i

you keep me so warm. but you're so small so you fit perfectly in my purse when I don't need you. you come in so many cute colors. you make it so I can walk around campus without keeping my hands glued in my pockets the entire time. gloves, I love you.

pilates video.
you are way way way better than running, yet after I still get a fantastic workout. I still can't laugh or my abs hurt but that's the way I like it. you have very cheesy women in yoga pants telling me when in inhale and when to exhale...but, i still love you.

fake nails.
yes, when I went to get you done I caused a mini scene at the nail salon...trying to put on my own gel: bad idea. but, you look great after victor redid you. you're great at scratching backs and look fantastic on. it will be a sad day when you fall off.

water in cute bottles.
i didn't used to be very good at drinking you. but since its a new year i decided to get better. but, its no fun drinking out of plain old dasani bottles. so, i invested in a three dollar wal mart bottle. oh how much difference that makes. i've already had three bottles of it today.

green coat.
one of my favorite colors. you look great with every outfit...almost. you are so warm. oh i just love you green coat.

who knew i would love you this much? i try to rotate what shoes to wear but i can't bring myself to wear any others when i remember how warm my little toes are in you. you are so soft and so comfy. how did i go without you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New year, new classes, new glasses??

I'm back at BYU and actually loving it even with the cold!! So far I like all my classes! I am taking statistics (a word that is very hard for me to say), book of mormonnn, marriage and family (no it is not because I am planning on marriage anytime soon haha just an extra credit :)), physical science, TELL (teaching english language learners...for my minor), and BIO101 woowoo! That is my oh so fantastic schedule. I was excited to go by books and go to meet the new people in my classes, a little nerdy I know. I'll admit it...i love school!!!
So about the new glasses...
I've wanted glasses since I was 12, not the normal thing to wish for all your life haha I beggggged for only glasses and braces (cutest combo, right?) so I eventually got my braces and after a week HATED them but I never needed glasses. I did borrow Makelle's once in a while just to try them out haha. But when I went home for Christmas break after squinting in class for the semester to see the board I got my eye appointment and needed glasses (no mom, I didn't cheat). My life is now complete!!! Well for now. I have to admit though...they do make me look smarter :)

when its cold there is really only one thing to do...

BREAK OUT THE SNUGGIE. Yes yes I just said snuggie. (Thanks Bond family). So I never thought I'd be saying this but wow that snuggie keeps me warm. Here's the story that lead me to feel the need to put a snuggie on.
It was a freezing afternoon day here in Provo Utah and I was just sitting in my room studying. The window was open a little because with it shut it's wayyyyy too hot. But I kept getting cold and I already had a little jacket on. I tried and tried to make my little blanket work but my arms just kept getting cold. Then I remembered the ridiculous snuggie commercial, that lady was reading her book great!! So I got out the snuggie (after making sure no one could see) and got back to studying. Let me tell you it was the greatest! I did everything while staying warm. After my fantastic experience I am no longer ashamed to wear the snuggie. I will even go as far to say everyone could use a snuggie. oh how i love mine.