Sunday, November 28, 2010

on my mind right now...

i think thats a good combo of the two things i am thinking about at this moment. if you are smart enough you may be able to decode it.

Tis the season...

I CAN NOW LISTEN TO THIS WITH NO SHAME!!!!!! ITS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS MUSIC SEASON...thats not to say I haven't been listening to it since October though :)
also note how precious JT is here in his NSYNC days.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

if you had the best weekend ever, raise your hand.

consider my hand raised.
i am too lazy to blog at this moment so i will simply do a small picture journal of my weekend with a few comments. enjoy all.
first of all, isn't he cute? he's still doing great and loving el salvador and EVERYTHING about his mission. i started my week of with a tape and a letter...always fantastic
whit and i after church, freezing our butts of in the snow!!!!!
the fabulous harry potter party, thrown at cydnees (to see all of the sweeeeet decorations and treats check out her blog!) sadly i didn't have any clothes to dress up in.
we went to the paint party in provo and after 2000 squirt guns filled with paint were handed out this is what we ended up looking like. so cute right? well at least it was a great time no matter how haggard we look right here.

welp, hope you had a great weekend too. until next time. xoxoxox

Monday, November 15, 2010


here's to being pizzalicious.
baking our own pizzas.
opening our own jars of pizza sauce.
eating cold pepperonis because we want to.
then eating more after we ate our pizzas.
oh and also taking photo booth pictures with our hot pizza pan.
-->don't mind that it is black and white on account of that makes EVERYTHING and EVERYONE look better. no matter if you aren't wearing makeup or if you're wearing scrubs.
*if you wanna see a more of this little lady check her out here

Friday, November 5, 2010

smashed car=new bumper

sooo ladies and gentlemen. someone smashed into the back of my car on wednesday. i was just sitting in bajio in orem minding my own business when aman came in and said "who drives a black nissan?" i sadly stood up and walked outside. "i just backed into your bumper" he said. backing into a bumper consists of a small dent maybe a scratch or two right? wrong. he didn't just "back into my bumper" he punched a hole and pulled off half of it. after i recovered from the shock of an entire chunk of my bumper laying on the ground i realized, this is actually good. he is paying for a new bumper. brand spanking new. because hello what else can you do with a hole in your bumper. the good news about this is...i may or may not have backed my car into a cement trash can 2 weeks after getting it, so there might be a bunch of scratches on the other side. which after monday will be GONE. so yes i am driving around with a hole and everyone can see the inside of my car but, in a few days she'll look brand new again. look at me, finding the silver lining.
p.s. i might've just been stalking the mailman from my kitchen and he might've just seen me watching him out the window. don't worry though. still no letter. 2 weeks. okay i'll stop complaining, i promise.