Monday, October 12, 2009

To the best mom ever!!

Dear mom,
Sorry that this is soooo late. Ok, so it's only six days late but still I feel bad! I just want you to know how much I love you! You are the best mom I could ask for! Thanks for always being there when I need you. Thanks for taking me to all my dance classes and all school stuff. Thanks for pushing me to do my best...I think it might be working. Thanks for answering when I call you everyday just to chat about life. Thanks for the packages you send me that I love oh so much. Thanks for always supporting me in anything I do. Thanks for teaching me how to be a good mom. I hope that I can be like you someday. Thanks for pushing me to get my goals. Thanks for teaching me what's right and wrong. Thanks for holding my hair when I would throw up. Thanks for letting me sleep on your floor after watching the Elizabeth Smart movie. Thanks for telling me to not watch the Elizabeth Smart movie...except I did it anyways. Thanks for loving me no matter what! I am missing a lot of things but I just wanted to cover my bases and now I have to get back to studying, which I know you would be sooo proud of. I love you mom! I miss you a lot!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Your the best mom anyone could ever ask for. I will always look to you for advice. I love you.
your favorite daughter (ok favorite that's in college) :)
p.s. I tried really hard to write with good punctuation and spelling for this post, just for you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


No its not Christmas yet...but I have decided to embrace Halloween and Taylor and I spent one night (around 1:30) decorating our room! Thanks to my mom!!! She sent a box of Halloween goodies including a banner, window decals, and some spider webs! Our room is now the cutest on the floor...if only we could pass that cleaning check :)

Fall is going great so far...I am feeling like the cold weather is kinda fun now! Who knew?! Last night I went on a date and we went with a big group up to American Fork Canyon and made a fire...then we went out on this little boat on a lake! Thanks to my fabulous date it was a great time! Although I was freezing (even with my two jackets and blanket on)! haha but now I have a bag full of clothes that smell like campfire and my hair even after a washing...oh how i love it.

School is getting pretty busy right now. I have midterms going on so everything is all at once, two papers, and two exams this week plus my other work I need to keep up with! As my mom would say "welcome to college" sooo sympathetic haha ;) love you mom! But, lucky for me...I am leaving for my favorite place in the world on Friday early morning. If you know me at all you know I'm talking about DISNEYLAND!! of course the happiest place on earth! My dad decided last minute that instead of them coming here I would meet them in California. Oh how i love the man!! So I'm off to study my brains out and listen to NSYNC Christmas (thanks mom and dad!!)
miss you all!
p.s. KAYTIE SYLVESTER. COME VISIT ME!! i miss you so much girl! i'll see you on skype soon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Utah...

I was loving the weather here last week...then it got cold. I still liked it, well I liked it for a while. Until I realized Utah isn't Arizona and when it gets cold it doesn't mean Christmas is coming. So after I had a false alarm about getting excited for Christmas I am left wondering why it is cold when the sun is out. However, I can't lie it is BEAUTIFUL here in the fall! The leaves are changing and falling off the trees! I love it when I am inside and looking out! It's not really my favorite when I am treking across campus with all of my stuff and no umbrella. I'm getting somewhat used to it...not that I'm not cold but at least I am now not ashamed when I put on 3 coats and gloves just to walk to class. I am past the point of caring what the other students think haha. I've gotten pretty good at maneuvering my way through other buildings so I spend the least amount of time outside as possible. And I know, I know "it will get way worse, you don't even know", thanks to those of you with your honesty but...I'm cold now and I will be cold then. Please just let me express my freezingness :) thanks. Ha I miss everyone!! I can't wait for the fam to come up next week.
P.S. Jaimie Tanner (Jones) this is for you...seeing you at the library was rather fabulous :) love you!
P.P.S. mom--> i still want my Christmas CD's which include but are not limited to...NSYNC Christmas, Hilary Duff Christmas, Aly and AJ Christmas, Osmond family Christmas, and of course Donny Christmas :)