Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay so I am the WORST at updating this thing, but really...does anyone even read it? In hopes that maybe one or two of you do (Mom and Whitney) here is my update. I have a few confessions.
1. I may or may not have watched Dear John 2 times this weekend (thanks Elder Cook for little treat from El Salvador).
2. Also I might have maybe cried both times.
3. My roommate Lauren probably walked in on me in a full bawl fest (come on, channing was reading that letter to his dad...who doesn't cry there?!?). Feeling extremely uncomfortable because I could barley dry my tears off my face she asked if she needed to come back. Haha sorry Lauren :)
4. I am drinking a diet coke right this second. Although it is 11:20pm I haven't had one in two days so that should give me some credit right? Okay fine I know it's bad for me.
5. I want to wear leggings EVERY single day. Don't worry I limit myself.
6. I have been brushing my hair 50 strokes (strokes?) every night because I once read in Little House on the Prairie that Laura did that every single night, and have you seen that girls hair in the TV series?!
7. I heard a rumor Hilary Duff was pregnant (thanks Alexa!!) and I was a little too excited about it. Why do I feel like I know her? She's just an all American girl haha, nobody make fun of me.
8. I still check the mail every day even when I KNOW a letter won't be there...can you blame me?
9. I just said I was blogging for "funsies"...yes out loud. I promise I don't use that phrase on a daily basis.
10. I have been listening to "Hazy"-Rosi Golan all week. I just can't stop.
11. I painted my nails on my RIGHT hand perfectly using the technique I learned in "Switching Goals" (with the Olson twins). Also it worked and my nails look great. That NEVER happens.
12. Please don't think I'm cliche for saying this but...I miss Noah Maurice, my best friend.
13. I sometimes (most of the time) wake up with only minutes left to get ready for school.
14. I'm DYING to buy some cute new baby clothes at Gymboree...someone hurry and have a baby so I don't buy them!!!
15. I miss my family, all 6 of them. Even you Dawson...who fakes injuries to get off the phone with me (apparently "chatting" really isn't his thing).
16. I wish I was watching Bride Wars with Alexa Markham tonight.
17. As I was walking out of work last night I thought "Wow it's warm!". When I got in the car it was 29 degrees...WHO AM I?!
18. I scream every time I get in the car and it is warms me up duh.
19. My hardest homework this week was to draw a picture of a children's song (we could use stick figures, good since that is as far as my artistic talent extends). I realize this type of information is what gives elementary education the way too extremely easy reputation. But I swear I have some harder classes.
20. I'm a bad driver.
Well there you go. Just a little insight into my life as of late.
oh one more......I'm hooked on the bachelor. But honestly, who isn't these days. (Jessica)