Thursday, October 28, 2010

stupid love songs

taylor swift really gets you with her songs doesn't she? it just reminds you of love and of cute boys and especially of cute boys you miss. dang you taylor swift and your great love songs...looks like i'll be listening to this album for a while. thanks a lot.
*i actually really like it aside from my sarcastic comments above*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

study fest.

these girls are the cutest. we are studying in our own study room that we reserved. we also may or may not be listening to destiny's child while blog stalking. but mostly homework. alright. gotta get back to my girlzzz (yes i just said girlzzz)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

good times :)

i love this girl. haha we have some really great times together. it's the best. i just thought i'd let you know. xoxox
p.s. we are holding our phones in this picture because we both have missionaries out and they are both our phone backgrounds...i know haha its embarrassing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

snail mail.

The mail man might as well put this sign on my mailbox. Maybe then he wouldn't get sick of me asking everyday "um, hey. any mail for number seven?". Yes, I run outside when I see the mail man coming, its getting embarrassing. Today I walked out and before I could say anything he said "no mail number 7!". Thanks for the efficiency. 3 weeks, no letter. I know I sound very very dramatic but I'm dying over here. El Salvadorian mail people, please send that letter faster, also don't lose it. Thanks so much!

Monday, October 11, 2010

smile :)

everyday i wake up and see this little beauty sent via a package from the mtc before elder cook left for el salvador...guess there weren't many resources. i love it. makes me smile :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

one week down.

so this little cutie has been in el salvador for a week and he is already loving it. it is so fun to get to read about what he is doing and how happy he is. elder cook is a great example and i know all the people will love him, and not just because he is a "gringo" :) enjoy this little snipit and adorable photo.
LAtins love gringos- so i have found out pretty quickly that the people here love the white guys! a few days ago we walked by this mechanic while he was under this car working on it and somehow he saw me and say HELLO! haha! i was so surprised! he saw me, got out from under the car and came over to talk to me! his english was pretty good actually! we talked about oregon for a little bit. he sais he worked there for a couple years and i guess thats where he learned english. that same day me and elder sanchez were walking and a bunch of chicas drove by in this little pick up, saw me, pulled over and they all whistled and yelled at me like i was zach efron or something! haha! it was hilarious and my comp died laughing! also, all the members get so excited when they see COOK on my name tag about 15 people have asked me if my grandpa is quentin L cook of the 12! haha!
My area- Right now we are in an area called Alta Vista. It is pretty sweet! i love it here the people are so nice even though nobody speaks english. It is about 45 minutes by bus ouotside of downtown san salvador! The people here are so unbeleivably poor! or at least thats what i thought the first couple days i was here in alta vista. and then the rest of the elders in my zone told me that this is probably the second nicest area in all of el salvador! HEYYYYO!!! crazy! a lot of the houses here are like ours. super tiny with one bedroom a tiny family room and a ´kitchen´. in other places people live in little tiny metal sheds!
I'm so proud of him. note to el salvadorian chicas: no whistling please :), thanks.
miss this boy but i wouldn't want him anywhere else.

this has been my theme song for the week/month/will be for the year. i love it. a lot.
enjoy :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

my utah mamma.

since my mom is so very far away in arizona i have found one to be my utah mom and take care of me, and i take care of her. we are each other moms! haha it is my roommate lauren cole. she is the greatest. today i went straight from work to school and didn't have time to eat so i would've been gone without eating from 9-5 and she went and bought me a sub from subway and brought it all the way to my class. i just love her! and yesterday she was going to be late to school so i drove her up to her class and picked her up from the library today so we could go get some delicious apple cider from starbucks. she's the best and just what i needed. a little mom.
-no i am not one of those typical girls that cries about how great my roommate is and how much i love her hah but she is great and i do love her.
p.s. side story: lauren and i used to be best friends in the sixth grade then we moved and it was very traumatic. sadly we didn't stay very much but we were reunited in utah at byu and we are now roommates! wow. the best.