Friday, August 28, 2009

a new beginning.

I have officially spent one and a half nights in the dorms for real...tonight being the half. Tomorrow however it will be two nights. So far...I'm loving it! I'm not gonna lie there are some times where I think "am i ever gonna have more than one friend?" then i meet new people and I feel better. It is a little rollercoaster! In the dorm with my room mate has been good...I must admit it is started a little awkward when I went to bed for the first night. I wondered what I would say..."goodnight tay?", "goodnight roomie?", "see ya tomorrow?", "peace out?", or of course I could always roll over and go to sleep. Not to worry I decided with the goodnight. haha it ended up working out well though.
Today was my first day of freshmen orientation and it was...interesting to say the least. I walked down to the field and was greeted by 6 very very enthusiatic Y group leaders! I think I would've liked it but I was stuck in the wrong group with the "Honors" they aren't smarter. They just think they are more qualified and therefore must "challenge" themselves more. hahaha I stayed there for approximentally .5 seconds. Then we paraded across the street EFY style-the arm linking. The next part of orientation was my favorite!!! We went into the Marriott center and it was amazing to see all the freshmen coming in. We all sat down and a little video about BYU was actually a really cool video and got me a little pumped...yes start school. Then we all sang As Zions Youth in Latter-Days! It was loud and amazing! We listened to the president speak and I can't wait to get into the swing of things here! I love BYU already!! The enviorment is unlike any other I am so so so glad that I was able to come here. After that I did skip the cougar walk...oops :)
So there is a little update for all of you...I would write more but I'm too tired...its almost two in the morning here! And no I didn't just get home ;)
I miss you all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First night!

After a full day of working on my room it is nearly complete! Just a few finishing touches to add. Who knew you could fit so much stuff into so little space...I must say we did get pretty creative with our storage space. My bed is at least four feet off the ground and underneath is drawers full of clothes. Even though I can barley make it up onto the bed without the help of my tiny fridge. Luckily I will only have to get on and off that thing once a day hahah. I'm so glad Makelle and my mom came to help...without them nothing would've been done. A little shout out to my dad, Brayden, and Dawson...thanks for helping in the best way you boys could! Hahaha we had to ask the boys to leave after three hours of them standing in the way wondering what they could do :) But, thanks for your man power and carrying up the heavy stuff! Last night Makelle and I stayed in my room. It was actually really fun! It's crazy that I'm up here on my own already...I think it should be great though. I'm staying positive :) Don't worry I've got all the essentials set up, my 12 pack of diet coke is tucked away under my bed. Well I'm off to shop for those little things I seem to have forgotten!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The beginning in the 801.

After a rather treacherous twelve hour drive filled with much backseat arguing, chick flicks, and lots of diet cokes I have finally made it to the "Beehive State", which for those of you that don't's UTAH! Now that I've made it up here I remember what a fabulous place it is!! The weather is perfect! It rained today...oh how i love the rain! I can't believe its I drove up to BYU and checked out the campus. It is beautiful...don't worry I already scoped out where I can get a Diet coke close to campus because they are no where to be seen on campus. Somehow it tastes a little better when your having to walk a little ways to get it. So far it seems good up here...I think I'm gonna like it. So Kaytie...please come up and visit! It's your total type of weather! come come come. I miss all my friends though and my family!!
BYU here I come!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

To the greatest Nana ever!!!

Nana's are the best, but mine is the best of the best! Today my cute little Nana brought me an adorable pillow to decorate my not so adorable dorm room, it says "hug" on it and she told me that if I miss her thats her hug! Isn't she just the cutest??!
Thanks for everything Nana!
Thanks for the Sunday nights at Nanas.
Thanks for always supporting me.
Thanks for all the delicious treats you make.
Thanks for hemming my pants cause I'm so short.
Thanks for chocolate chip one makes them as good as you.
Thanks for Nana sleepovers, i'll never forget those (plus they aren't over yet haha)
Thanks for making holidays the best.
Thanks for always being the best Nana!!! I love you!
Don't worry we will stay in touch! See you soon!!!

goodbye for now..

I didn't think this whole college thing would be so emotional. I am more than excited to get up and start a new life but leaving so much behind has really started to get to me. Last night my entire team at Buckle surprised me with a's weird that you can get so close to so many people just by working with them! They are all so great!! I will be sad to leave them and I can't say I didn't tear up a little after but, I'll be back for holiday:) Once I got home I had to yet again say goodbye to someone who means so much to me. One of my best friend's Sadie Jones. I can't believe how close we've become. I know I can rely on her for anything and its sad to think that in this next year things will change a lot! Sadie Jones, I LOVE YOU :) As I went to bed last night, in Makelle's room :), I can't believe that it will be months before I sleep in this house again! This morning Dawson (or as I refer to him, Baby ) let me drive him to school, which for those of you who don't know him, is a very rare occurrence. He even gave me a little kiss on the cheek before he got out of the car. Yet again, let the tears flow. A few tears came after I dropped him off and realized how much he's gonna change before I see him again. I love that little boy! So here I am sitting in my room trying to decide what I need to pack and what I can leave, sad but also very happy. These mixed emotions are killin me!! Goodbye Gilbert...for now. Hello BYU!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My best friend...I will miss you!

Dear Makelle,
You've been with me through it all. We've had some grea times together. Disneyland trips, rollerblading dances, cruises, barbies, dress up, nsync concert, saturday shopping, dance recitals, synchronize swimming (what was mom thinking), mocking dad and mom haha :), beach trips, christmas peeking, birthdays, and so much more. Makelle you are my best friend and I don't know what I'll do without you. You'll have to mock mom and dad without me. I can't wait for you to come up and visit me. You know me better than anyone. Thank you for being the best sister anyone could ask for. Thank you for letting me boss you around a little back when we were youngsters ha now you can take over for me at the house. Thank you for letting me come sleep in your room at night after I watch scary movies, or Elizabeth Smart interviews haha. I love you more than anything! But don't worry sister I will see you at Thanksgiving!! You are my other half and my best friend.

Leaving the nest

Pre Highschool

The time has finally come for this little bird to leave the nest. It doesn't seem like long ago I was fourteen, braces, awkward hair style, and a little mascara nervously awaiting my first day of high school. Oh how that time flew by, four years of high school felt like four minutes. So to all you girls out there still trying to get through high school wishing it was almost it up! Enjoy the time you have there!! It goes by way too fast, before you know it you'll be sitting in the same position you were before the great high school years began. A prefreshmen anxiously awaiting your first class, your new friends, and your new first week outfits :)
All the sad growing up feelings aside I CAN'T WAIT for college! New friends, new classes, new life. There is so much to come and I am more than excited for this new experience! There are so many things I have to do before I leave! Who knew all the "little stuff" you had to get to live on your own?! Thankfully I have a fabulous mother who has been through this before and she gladly helped me to pack my entire room into boxes (hahah a LOT of boxes).
kmf Pre College