Thursday, August 25, 2011

More treats!

Drumroll please......Here are the last few videos!!

Here we are at Buckingham Palace, enjoying a nice day around London. This is also a debut of my baby cry. I surprised many of the girls with this little gem and I think their reaction here speaks for itself. I thought it went over well, but I guess that depends on how you take their disgusted looks and cringing. Oh and apparently Catie needed a shower?? haha.

I tried to upload one of the Eiffel Tower sparkling but it wouldn't work! Sorry! But, here is the last one. Grant and I spiced up the many, many long walks we went on with a little speed walk racing. Needless to say the eleven year old beat me in this video but I assure you I beat him a few times (which doesn't sound as cool when you know he is only 11, but come on those are some fast legs and look at that form!) 

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