Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just a little treat

Here is a little treat from my trip. I made an entire DVD for my family to watch that includes pictures and videos and is 30 minutes long. But unfortunately (or fortunately) for you it doesn't come in a blog ready format. So I thought I would just post a few of my most favorite videos from the trip. Mind you they are very short and my videographer skills are less than professional (my family complained of motion sickness when I made them watch the videos pre editing haha). 

Here is our very first video we took. It was filmed on the coast of Ireland, where we were nearly blown away. Even after the many places we went it is still my most favorite view. 

And of course, one from the Harry Potter premiere. Here the fans are all chanting "We want Pottah", and there are our favorite Brazilian cuties (smellies). 

I can only post two at a time for some reason! But, I have two more so I will post them on the next post. 

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