Monday, January 30, 2012

My little Squid.

So one of my most favorite girls around is leaving Provo, well almost, and heading out for Argentina this week. She will be Sister Squire for the next 18 months and I can't imagine her being anywhere else. She has such an amazing testimony and I know that anyone who stops and listens will be able to feel her strong spirit. I don't think those Argentinians know what's coming. They are getting the best of the best. I am so proud of Cydnee!

She has always been such an amazing example to me. She is kind and giving to everyone and almost always has a smile on her face. I have been through so many great times with her, including an entire summer in Europe! We have watched many bachelor/bachelorettes together, traveled through Europe, slept in some pretty creepy hostiles, stood seven hours in the rain to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione in real life, bonded over diet coke runs, and had countless sleepovers. I love her like a sister and I am going to miss her so much. I am so grateful to have had her in my life, even it has only been one year (thank you Chatham Towne). I love you Sister Squire. Good luck on Wednesday!!! You better believe I will be stalking you at the MTC and sending you many delicious treat packages.

Piccadilly Circus.

Rocking out after a paint party. This is when I knew we'd be best friends haha.

In Paris, at the Eiffel Tower.

Obviously, meant to be friends.

"There is no other labor in all the world that brings to a human heart, judging from my own personal experience, more joy, peace and serenity than proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ."
-Heber J. Grant

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  1. AH, kels I love you! I'm going to miss you so much